Founded in 1988 FERRAZ BRASIL has been dedicated to providing the natural stone industry with the highest level of quality available today. Supplying with classic and exotic lines, North and Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania with the best quality in exotic and standard materials.

The factory is equipped with the latest in technology, which includes BRETON'S latest 21 head polishing machine and resin line. Located in Serra, Espirito Santo with a facility of 30,000 m2 that is one of the most modern and well equipped in Latin America.

FERRAZ BRASIL is managed by highly qualified personnel along with an efficient production line that are dedicated to producing the finest quality of materials available in the world.

All materials are produced from well-established quarries, and experienced personnel are specialized in selecting the best blocks.

FERRAZ BRASIL acts very responsibly to protect the environment. Our factories are equipped with the most advanced filters and water recycling equipments that treat all waste produced by our facilities. Since August 2006, Ferraz Brasil is associated to Sebrae in a research project of recycling waste products and is also engaged in projects of reconstructing the environment.